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Dr. M.V.Shetty College of Speech and Hearing established in the year 1991, which is the first private sector speech and hearing college in India with an exclusive building and full-fledged facilities. Dr. M.V Shetty College of Speech and Hearing is the recognized research centre eligible for conducting research leading to Ph.D. degree under the Mangalore University. The college is recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi.

About Course

The PhD in Speech and Hearing program is designed for students interested in basic or applied research in the disciplines of hearing, speech or language science. The program accommodates interests in the typical processes of speech, language, and hearing, as well as in clinical aspects of speech, language, and hearing, including evaluative and management aspects of audiology and speech-language pathology. The PhD degree program prepares students to work in research or teaching positions in academic, clinical, or industrial settings. It provides foundational knowledge and technical expertise and allows students to develop skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication.



On Completion of the two years Ph.D. in Physiotherapy program, the graduate will be able to :

Duration of the Programme :

2 years in 4 semesters

Key Information

  • Duration

    2 Years

  • Course Type

    Bachelor Degree

  • Campus


  • Semister


  • Course Type

    Full Time




Visit : https://mangaloreuniversity.ac.in/phd-0






Visit : https://mangaloreuniversity.ac.in/phd-0

Documents required for Admission

Following Original Certificates should be submitted at the time of Admission with one set of attested copy :

  • Aadhar Id(Xerox copy)
  • Marks card of MASLP
  • Marks cards of the qualifying exam i.e. 10+2 (both 11th and 12th Year) for UG course
  • Caste certificate
  • MASLP degree or provisional certificate
  • Migration certificate of coming from other states
  • Transfer certificate issued by the college
  • Character/conduct certificate issued by the College/School last studied
  • Migration certificate issued by the University for students other than Mangalore University
  • Eligibility certificate from Mangalore University for students who have completed their qualifying examinations outside Karnataka
  • Physical fitness certificate issued by the Government Medical Officer
  • Passport size photograph
  • For students from Nepal: Nepalese citizenship certificate and date of birth in Indian Almanac (A.D.)
  • For students from other country: Passport and student visa and date of birth in Indian Almanac.


The pedagogy for the Ph.D. in  Speech and Hearing at Dr. M.V. Shetty College focuses on fostering advanced research skills, critical thinking, and academic excellence. The program’s pedagogical approach includes:

  1. Research Mentorship: Students are paired with experienced research mentors who guide them throughout their research journey, providing valuable insights and feedback.

  2. Interdisciplinary Learning: Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary collaboration, encouraging students to engage with experts from various healthcare fields to gain diverse perspectives.

  3. Research Methodology: Rigorous training in research methodologies equips students with the necessary tools to design and conduct high-quality research studies.

  4. Seminars and Workshops: Regular seminars, workshops, and research colloquia provide a platform for students to present their research progress, exchange ideas, and receive constructive criticism.

  5. Publication and Presentation: Students are encouraged to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals and present their findings at national and international conferences to disseminate knowledge.

  6. Ethical Research: Ethical considerations in research are emphasized to ensure responsible and respectful conduct throughout the research process.

  7. Independent Research: The program promotes independent thinking and self-directed research, allowing students to explore topics of personal and professional interest.

  8. Teaching Experience: Opportunities for teaching experience are provided, allowing students to develop their teaching skills, which can be valuable in academia.

  9. Global Perspective: Exposure to international research trends and collaborations broadens students’ horizons and fosters a global perspective on physiotherapy research.

  10. Continuous Learning: The program encourages a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement, preparing graduates for leadership roles in research and academia.

Career Paths

  1. Academic Researcher: Pursue a career in academia, conducting advanced research and teaching at universities.
  2. Clinical Expert: Become a clinical expert in the fields of audiology, speech-language pathology, or hearing science, serving as a specialist in healthcare settings.
  3. Research Scientist: Work as a research scientist in research institutions, contributing to groundbreaking studies in speech and hearing science.
  4. Consultant: Offer consulting services to organizations, government agencies, or healthcare institutions in the field of speech and hearing.
  1. Administrator: Take on administrative roles in healthcare or academic institutions, overseeing programs and services related to speech and hearing.
  2. Policy Advocate: Advocate for policies and initiatives that promote better speech and hearing healthcare on local, national, or international levels.
  3. Entrepreneur: Start your own speech and hearing-related business, such as private clinics, research firms, or educational centers.
  4. Continuing Education: Pursue lifelong learning and professional development to stay current in the evolving field of speech and hearing science.

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