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Master of Science-Speech Language Pathology (M.Sc. (SLP))

Dr. M.V.Shetty College of Speech and Hearing established in the year 1991, which is the first private sector speech and hearing college in India with an exclusive building and full-fledged facilities.

The college offers Masters of Sciencie- Speech Language Pathology(M.Sc. (SLP)), which is affiliated to Mangalore University and and recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi.

About Course

A two-year postgraduate programme, Master of Science (Speech Language Pathology) focuses on imparting advanced knowledge about the assessment and management of speech, language and swallowing disorders. In accordance with the recommendations of the RCI, New Delhi, the programme is designed to provide theoretical, clinical and research skills to create professional experts in the field.


The objectives of the M.Sc. (SLP) program are to equip students with the knowledge and skills to:

Duration of the Programme :

2 years in 4 semesters

Key Information

  • Duration

    2 Years

  • Course Type

    Masters Degree

  • Campus


  • Semister


  • Course Type

    Full Time


Candidates with BASLP/B.Sc. (Speech & Hearing) degree of any recognized university by the Rehabilitation Council of India or any other degree considered as equivalent thereto and having an average of not less than 55% of marks are eligible for admission to M.Sc.(SLP). ‘Average’ refers to average of the aggregate marks obtained in all the years/semesters of the qualifying examination.

  • Relaxation in the qualifying marks for designated categories of students shall be as per the rules and regulations of Mangalore University.
  • Applicants shall not be older than 30 years on the 1st July of the year of admission.

M.Sc.(SLP) programme includes “core” and “elective” courses. The “Core course” will further consist of “hard” and “soft” core courses. Hard core courses can have 3-5 credits. Soft core courses can have 3-4 credits. Practical (Hard core or Soft core) can have 2-5 credits. Open Electives have 3 credits each. Dissertation will carry 6 credit points with the total credit of 92 including open electives.


Course Code

Course Title

Hard Core


Speech Science and Speech Production


Neurobiology of Speech Language and Cognition


Clinical Practicum

Soft Core




Research Methods, Epidemiology and statistics


Contemporary Issues in Clinical Linguistics




Augmentative and Alternative Communication


Advances in Research Methods and Statistics in

Speech Language Pathology




Clinical Linguistics and Multilingual issues


Advances in Augmentative and Alternative Communication 


Hard Core

SH-SLP 201

Disorders of Fluency

SH-SLP 202

Voice: Science and Disorders

SH-SLP 203

Clinical Practicum

Soft Core

SH-SLP 204



Language Disorders in Children


Contemporary Issues in Speech Sound Disorders




Advances in Speech Sound Disorders


Advances in Childhood Language Disorders



Open Elective

As prescribed from the University of Mangalore


Hard Core


Neurogenic Speech Disorders




Clinical Practicum

Soft Core

SH-SLP 304


SH-SLP 305

Cognitive communicative Disorders


Language Disorders related to reading

SH-SLP 306


SH-SLP 307

Language and Literacy Disorders


Contemporary Issues in Cognitive communicative Disorders

Open Elective

As prescribed from the University of Mangalore


Hard Core


Practices in Speech Language Pathology




Dissertation in Speech or Language Pathology

SH-SLP 404

Clinical Practicum

Documents required for Admission

Following Original Certificates should be submitted at the time of Admission with one set of attested copy.

  • Aadhar Id(Xerox copy)
  • SSLC/10th Marks card
  • HSC/PUC/10+2 Marks card
  • BASLP Marks cards of all the years.
  • Provisional Pass Certificate/Degree certificate issued by the University.
  • Transfer certificate issued by the college last studied.
  • Character/conduct certificate issued by the College last studied.
  • Migration certificate issued by the University/Board other than Mangalore University.
  • Eligibility Certificate from Mangalore University (other than Mangalore University).
  • Internship certificate.
  • Course completion certificate.
  • Physical fitness/Medical certificate.
  • Passport size photograph 10 Nos.
  • For students from Nepal: Provisional Pass Certificate or Degree certificate issued by the University/Board, Nepalese citizenship certificate, Date of birth in Indian Almanac (A.D.) and Equivalence certificate
  • For students from other country: Passport and student visa and date of birth in Indian Almanac.


The pedagogy for the Masters of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (MASLP) program at Dr. M.V. Shetty College of Speech and Hearing is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and well-rounded education. Here’s an overview of the pedagogical approach:

  1. Holistic Learning: Our curriculum emphasizes a holistic approach to audiology and speech-language pathology. Students engage in a balanced mix of classroom lectures, practical hands-on sessions, clinical internships, and research projects. This approach ensures that students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

  2. Interdisciplinary Training: MASLP students benefit from interdisciplinary training, collaborating with professionals from related fields such as medicine, psychology, and education. This exposure enhances their ability to work effectively in diverse healthcare settings and with patients of all ages.

  3. Clinical Exposure: Practical training is a cornerstone of our pedagogy. Students have access to state-of-the-art audiology and speech-language pathology clinics where they work with real patients under the guidance of experienced faculty. This hands-on experience helps them develop clinical competence and confidence.

  4. Research Emphasis: Research is a vital component of our pedagogical approach. MASLP students are encouraged to engage in research projects, case studies, and clinical audits. This not only advances the field but also prepares students for academic and research roles.

  5. Interactive Learning: We promote interactive learning through discussions, case presentations, and workshops. This fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and effective communication—essential qualities for audiology and speech-language pathology professionals.

  6. Guest Lectures and Workshops: Regular guest lectures by experts in the field and workshops on specialized topics enrich the learning experience. These sessions expose students to the latest advancements and best practices.

  7. Practical Skills Development: The program places a strong emphasis on developing practical skills in audiological assessments, therapy techniques, and the use of advanced technology and equipment. This ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the demands of clinical practice.

  8. Ethical and Cultural Sensitivity: We instill ethical values and cultural sensitivity in our students. They learn to provide patient-centered care, respecting diversity and individual needs.

Our pedagogical approach aims to produce competent, compassionate, and research-oriented professionals who can excel in clinical practice, academia, and research. If you need further details or have specific questions, please let us know.

Career Paths

  • Eligible to work as clinician, academician and researcher in hospitals, government/private sector and institutions.

  • To work as an expert in diagnosis, management and counselling of Speech, Language and Swallowing disorders.

  • Eligible to provide rehabilitation programs for persons with Speech, Language and Swallowing disorders.

  • Students will equip themselves with up-to-date knowledge in the field of frontier areas of Speech, Language and Swallowing.

  • To take up research and development positions in the area of Speech Language Pathology.

  • To use knowledge for the betterment of persons with disabilities.

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